Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is my favorite destination for a quick weekend getaway. We go there so often that we have the pleasure of visiting Portland in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Our most recent visit to Portland took place in December. I recently discovered that my husband’s best friend’s wife’s birthday is only 2 days after mine and of course a double birthday celebration was necessary! Thanks to the husbands, we had a truly delightful weekend in Portland.

We arrived in Portland late Friday night, but not so late that we couldn’t enjoy some birthday cake and late night eats! We stayed at The Press Hotel which is the perfect walking distance from the downtown area. The hotel also has a restaurant, but we didn’t have a chance to dine here during our trip.



We woke up to 6 inches (or so) of beautiful powdery snow! Good thing we had all packed our snow boots because a little snow is actually the perfect weather to explore Portland in. Usually all our favorite restaurants have quite the line, but lucky for us, the snow kept everyone else indoors while we started our great foodie birthday weekend.

Our first stop was breakfast at The Front Room. The Front Room is 0.8miles outside of Downtown Portland. Although that might seem like a bit of a trek, especially since Portland has so many great restaurants, it is one of our favorite restaurants in the area and we have now gone here for breakfast twice. The best part about double dating with a foodie couple is that you can sample all their meals too! When all was said and done we all had the chance to eat 1/4 of 4 delicious meals. My personal favorite was the house made corned beef hash topped with a perfectly poached egg.

We were so full from breakfast that the only logical explanation was to taste beers (:x). We had a great time at Harpoon brewery. They even have soda flights for those of you who don’t drink alcohol!


Anyone who does a quick yelp search of Portland, knows that one of the MUST go restaurants is Eventide Oyster Co. This was our first time being able to visit this establishment as there usually is a 2 hour wait (not even exaggerating!!). Eventide lived up to all the hype! We split the Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll. I’ve actually never had a lobster roll before (shocking I know), but this was was very very delicious. It was served on a sticky asian roll and there was just something about it…We also split half a dozen oysters that we had with pickled onions, horseradish ice and cocktail sauce. I was so euphoric from this meal that I even gave Scott an impromptu hug. I was in food bliss!



Next stop was RiRa, a great spot recommended to us by Alex’s mother! This was definitely my favorite spot we visited during this trip to Portland. See the pictures below to understand why:


Husband doesn’t always love photos!



RiRa is a great spot to have a heart to heart conversation, take an impromptu nap while warming your hands and feet by the fireplace, or just sit and enjoy life. Can’t wait to go back here during our next Portland weekend!

Since we were celebrating such a great occasion (the birth of two wonderful people :D), we decided to dine at Five Forty Five. We opted for the 5 course tasting menu, which I really enjoyed, but somehow can’t recollect at all. Anytime I stay up past my ideal bedtime of 9pm my brain gets a bit fuzzy.

Now to the BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND: DONUTS AT HOLY DONUT. In my young, gluttonous life, I have had the pleasure of eating many many donuts. None of these come even close to the deliciousness being churned out by Holy Donut. These donuts are made using potatoes instead of your traditional batter and it gives the donut this absolutely amazing, soft texture that is hard to describe. It’s safe to say that if I were to live in Portland, I would be a well known customer at this local establishment.

We feasted on the maple bacon, cinnamon sugar, old-fashioned, and toasted coconut. They were out of this world.

I can’t wait for our next trip to Portland, but I especially can’t wait to have those donuts in my life again!



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